Screaming in Silence

Screaming in Silence
        So far I have nearly finished my first book this semester, which was Columbine by Dave Cullen.  This book had around 500 pages and many times is difficult to read. But, this school year I want to challenge myself by reading novels that reflect important issues people tend to ignore. I also really want to start using the time I use for social media, to be used as reading time aswell. One way I plan to maintain these goals is by keeping track of how much I read per day and making times specificly just for reading.
    In the novel I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai, a young girl is shot in the head on her way to school. She talks about the struggles her family-particularly her father faces with educating girls in area with strict Islamic laws and the Taliban within their community. Throughout the book I noticed the lack of women's rights that Malala and other women experienced in this story. This book really opened my eyes for so many things I take for gr…

Is Being Comfortable living?

Is Being Comfortable Living? 
     Currently I think my reading is very good at the moment. So far, this 9weeks I have read five books and I am currently starting my sixth. Honestly like thats really awesome for me because I really did start on a slow start. For the future I plan to push myself even more by finding random times to read and to also read at least 30mins every single day. Not going to lie it doesnt sound easy but I really want to push myself.
       After finishing my AP book, I started reading Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book already managed to make me cry and scream on only the first chapter. Honestly I can totally understand why it could be on the banned books list. There is a lot of topics brought up that could most definitely not be liked by others. But anyways, so far it's pretty much about a girl named Susie who pretty much talks about heaven and how she was murdered. One quote I liked was when Susie said  "Heaven is comfort, but it's not living&…

Among Lions

Among Lions    Currently my reading has really slowed down and I am mostly focusing finishing  my AP book Out Of Africa.In the story the main character Isak, has moved to Africa from Europe to marry her husband and start there own coffee plantation. Later she is divorced and chooses to stay in Africa and work on her plantation,rather than go back home. During this time she faces unfamiliar animals, natives,diseases and more dangers all on her own. 
     One quotes that stood out to me was  "You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” [p. 46]  I really liked this because instead of making her situation worse,she choose to accept
it. Isak could've taken the easy way out and leave but she choose to stay and face her problems head on. Another reason why I picked this quote is because of the excitement it brings. In Out of Africa the Autor always manages to keep her readers envious but also petrified of her situation. This quote perfectly gives an insight on what I…

Intro of my reading life: Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream
     Welcome to my blog! My name is Maddie Edwards and I am 15yrs old sophomore at Hebron High School. When I was six years old I was diagnosed with several learning disorders and reading constantly reminded me how behind I was compared to my peers.Before, I was never a fan of reading,but over time I realized just how essential reading is and reading more made me less affected by my learning disorders. Reading was awesome!!     My reading goal is 10 books a semester and around at least 25-30mins a day. I have a ton of books that I always want to read, the problem is the limited number of time I have to read outside of school. After school I always have ton and tons of homework, so trying to cram  25-30mins is not peaches and cream. Currently, I have just started my AP book caled "Out Of Africa". The book had a very slow start, but around 40 pages in, it finally got interesting. The author is VERY descriptive and starting the book, so I always caught myself sk…