Among Lions

                               Among Lions

    Currently my reading has really slowed down and I am mostly focusing finishing  my AP book Out Of Africa.  In the story the main character Isak, has moved to Africa from Europe to marry her husband and start there own coffee plantation. Later she is divorced and chooses to stay in Africa and work on her plantation,rather than go back home. During this time she faces unfamiliar animals, natives,diseases and more dangers all on her own. 
     One quotes that stood out to me was  "You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” [p. 46]  I really liked this because instead of making her situation worse,she choose to accept
it. Isak could've taken the easy way out and leave but she choose to stay and face her problems head on. Another reason why I picked this quote is because of the excitement it brings. In Out of Africa the Autor always manages to keep her readers envious but also petrified of her situation. This quote perfectly gives an insight on what Isak is thinking but also what the book is all about.


  1. Tell me more about how the quote adds excitement to the story.


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