Intro of my reading life: Peaches and Cream

                              Peaches and Cream

     Welcome to my blog! My name is Maddie Edwards and I am 15yrs old sophomore at Hebron High School. When I was six years old I was diagnosed with several learning disorders and reading constantly reminded me how behind I was compared to my peers.Before, I was never a fan of reading,but over time I realized just how essential reading is and reading more made me less affected by my learning disorders. Reading was awesome!! 
   My reading goal is 10 books a semester and around at least 25-30mins a day. I have a ton of books that I always want to read, the problem is the limited number of time I have to read outside of school. After school I always have ton and tons of homework, so trying to cram  25-30mins is not peaches and cream. Currently, I have just started my AP book caled "Out Of Africa". The book had a very slow start, but around 40 pages in, it finally got interesting. The author is VERY descriptive and starting the book, so I always caught myself skimming lines. But don't worry! It gets good 40pgs. in!!


  1. I want to know more about what kinds of books you enjoy.


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