Is Being Comfortable living?

                   Is Being Comfortable Living? 

     Currently I think my reading is very good at the moment. So far, this 9weeks I have read five books and I am currently starting my sixth. Honestly like thats really awesome for me because I really did start on a slow start. For the future I plan to push myself even more by finding random times to read and to also read at least 30mins every single day. Not going to lie it doesnt sound easy but I really want to push myself.
       After finishing my AP book, I started reading Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book already managed to make me cry and scream on only the first chapter. Honestly I can totally understand why it could be on the banned books list. There is a lot of topics brought up that could most definitely not be liked by others. But anyways, so far it's pretty much about a girl named Susie who pretty much talks about heaven and how she was murdered. One quote I liked was when Susie said  "Heaven is comfort, but it's not living"[pg.137] I like really like this quote because it like really makes you appreciate the life that is given to you. [which I think is veryyyy important] I feel like you really only have one life to live and it can totally be taken when you like least expect it. When people think of dying and going to heaven,they think it's wayyyy better than Earth and once you die that's when all the fun happens. But this quote makes everyone realize that spending all your time wishing about comfort, you could be realizing that being comfortable isn't living. [woah I got real deep there]


  1. I like how when you write it sounds exactly how you talk in real life. I found how you explained your quote very interesting and thought provoking. I agree, you never know when you may die so we need to recognize that life is worth living. One thing I wish you would have included is why you chose to read Lovely Bones. And if you liked this book I think you would enjoy Radiance by Allyson Noel because it shares the common theme of death and living life to the fullest. Overall, a fun and enjoyable blog post.


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